Born on March 28, 1990 and given the name BRYAN TIMOTHY HANNON, over the next 21 years he came to be better known to most as ‘B’, Bee, Beetown, Bee-Man, Buffmaster3000, BEEF, Beefstick….and the list goes on and on.

Growing up he could either be found along the sidelines of his older brother and sister’s sporting events waiting patiently for the day when he was finally old enough to participate, or at the concession stands telling his friends to get whatever they want and ‘just put it on the Hannon’s tab’.

Bryan definitely marched to the beat of his own drum, he was never swayed by what was popular or what everyone else was doing which was most evidenced by the fact that despite growing up in a house full of Larry Bird and Boston Celtics fans, Bee was a faithful, boisterous devotee of the LA Lakers and Kobe Bryant. He was a free-spirit who did not seek out popular approval for what he did, whether it was wearing blue ‘Napoleon Dynomite’ Moon boots all summer long when he was 5 or sporting a cut-off white T-shirt sleeve as a doo-rag during his youth basketball games.

He loved the outdoors…hunting, fishing, four wheeling, snowmobiling, jet skiing, golfing and especially skateboarding and snowboarding. He was the Junior (golf) Club Champion at the Pennhills Club and a snowboard instructor at Holiday Valley.

After completing the drafting/auto-CAD curriculum in high school he enrolled at Penn State-Behrend to pursue a degree in Engineering. A year and a half later, he contemplated a career change and relocation and decided to enter the workforce until he knew what he wanted to do. He first worked for B&T Contractors and then later for his dad at Venturi Technologies as a technician at their New Jersey base.

Bryan lived each day to its fullest, and always made time to enjoy his true passions: his motorcycle; his dog, Darcelle, his soul-mate, Bella; and his family and close friends.